The Whisky Market


For years at Royal Mile Whiskies we answered the question, “What’s a good whisky to invest in?” with a rather cautious response; “Buy two of what you like to drink. Keep one and drink one. That way, even if the bottle doesn’t go up in value you’ll still have a bottle you’ll enjoy drinking.” When they really pushed us we pointed out that Brora, Port Ellen, St Magdalene and Rosebank were delicious and might be especially tasty in a few decades!

Our sound advice was heeded by many a customer who enjoyed building collections as well as drinking rare malts and although in many cases it took a while, just look at what’s happened to the auction prices of Port Ellen in the last three years alone:

Whiskey Market Graph

Up until the launch of our auction, such a rise has meant we’ve been buying back bottles from these customers at several times the amount we originally sold them for! The desire for rare, old bottles of Scotch whisky has never been greater, and last year more than 58,758 bottles were traded at auction, an increase of over 35% over the year before, according to Rare Whisky 101. Along with the long-closed distilleries mentioned above, vintage Macallan, Ardbeg and Bowmore remain ‘blue chip’ performers, but what’s next? As these trophy distilleries have soared in value, collectors and drinkers have seen value in a second wave following behind the more obvious choices. So, single cask, vintage-dated Glendronach and Glenfarclas have powered on in Macallan’s wake. Lesser know closed distilleries like Banff, Caperdonich, and Imperial have become more desirable as bars and tasting clubs can still afford to open a bottle, especially if bottled independently.

Scotch’s reputation as the most aspirational drink in the world has seen the value of collectible bottles soar over the past few years, so if you have a bottle or two hidden away, why not get in touch for a valuation?